ART Helsinki paketissa

Gallery ART-HELSINKI had to stand down

Unfortunately Gallery Art-Helsinki had to stand down
its 25 year long presence at Senaatintori, Helsinki due
renovations made by the city.

We cordially Thank You for the smooth
co-operation during the years.

Selling of books, paintings and cards continues through our sites at or

You can also pick up paintings at pre-arrenged times from the artists studio.
All visits to studio can be arrenged by calling 0400-212117

The address of the Studio is

Jokipellontie 18 A, 00720 Helsinki (Pitäjänmäki)
You find the map from the bottom of this page or from contact-page.

The forge of JT Pälikkö at Suomenlinna is still functioning normally.
Examples of his productions can be found at

You can also acquire paintings through Helsinki Area Art Society Art Rental.
Try the link below, it opens the art rental pages to a new window.

art rental pages mail address