250 Questions
250 Questionspage
1 What is the difference been an advertising illustration and an artist's painting?6, 74
2 Does a culture have an effect on viewing a picture? How?8, 19, 28
3 Where does visual observation take place?10, 54, 138
4 What is sensing the three-dimensional effect (distance) based on?10, 54
5 Define where a picture's optical centre point is.18
6 Is a sensed view always real?10, 32, 54
7 What does dividing a picture into equal areas mean?12
8 What is a vanishing point?14, 82, 83, 87
9 How many dimensions does a picture have?12
10 What is meant by a weight emphasis of a picture area?12
11 What is meant by balance in an illustration?12
12 Where does the golden section appear?12, 242
13 What happens within a picture when approaching the right edge?16
14 How is the ratio of the golden section defined?12
15 At which point within a picture is the strongest pulling force of a viewer's attention?18
16 What is meant by a horizon?14, 82, 83
17 Into which parts does the horizon divide a surface's area? 14, 82, 83
18 What happens when the eye approaches the bottom edge within the area of an illustration?18
19 What is meant by an image/picture/illustration area/section and its division?12
20 How does the tolerance limit of an image area change in relation to the horizon?16
21 How does the bottom right edge of an image differ from the bottom left edge in its tolerance limit?16
22 Is the apparent weight value of an object within a picture always the same regardless of its position within the picture?16
23 How does the direction of light affect an image? 19, 20
24 How does a feeling of space change when moving upwards within the surface of an illustration?16
25 How does the weight value of an object change when it is taken closer to the top edge of an illustration?16
26 How do the left and right edge areas of an illustration differ from each other regarding the weight value?16
27 When was the golden section calculated as a mathematical formula?12
28 Through which edge does an observer enters a picture in western culture?16
29 What is meant by perspective?14
30 Give the mathematical approximation which helps to calculate the golden section.12
31 Where is the foreground of a picture?18, 28, 33, 68
32 Why does the line drawn from the bottom left corner to the right top corner appear to be hanging?18
33 Does everybody experience a painting in the same way?10, 30, 54
34 How is it possible to add to a feeling of movement within a picture?22
35 What should be taken into consideration when defining the widths for a mounting board?18
36 Where is the lightest area within a picture?16
37 In what way is the direction of light taken into consideration when planning a portrait?19, 20
38 How do the eyes within an image affect a viewer's observation?20, 78, 79
39 To which direction is moved in an illustration when going? 20, 46
40 When is a person coming towards someone in a picture?20
41 When is someone expected to enter a picture, or when is he/she returning to a picture?20, 41
42 Where in a picture is the viewer's corner?21
43 When does movement, depicted with several illustrations, have a natural feeling?22
44 Define when a figure in an illustration is in balance.22
45 What is meant by framing (marking off) of a picture?24, 62
46 How does a picture and its mirror image differ from each other?22, 23
47 How does the optical centre of a picture affect the rest of the illustration?18, 19
48 Which corner of a picture has the strongest pulling force? What is it based on?22
49 Explain how the tensions in the corners of a picture differ from each other?22
50 How is a feeling of motion created in a picture?22
51 What is meant by the attention value of an observation area?24
52 Where in an illustration is the strongest area of tension, and how does it affect the attention values?24
53 What can cause the conflicting general appearance of different subjects within a picture?26
54 How does a distance affect lightness?30 - 32, 130
55 Mention three examples on how to create a three-dimensional effect within a picture.28 - 30
56 What is meant by scaling an illustrated area?28, 78, 79, 148, 197, 202
57 What is meant by a foreground, middle space and background of a picture and how are they different from each other? 28, 34, 78, 79
58 What is meant by the effect of perspective?28
59 What is meant by "the stepladder effect" within a picture? How is it created?30, 202, 236
60 How do the strengths of colours and distance affect each other?28, 30, 116, 117, 130
61 Which colours decrease as the distance increases?28, 30
62 When is a recognisable drawn image created?36
63 What is meant by the effect of an air column?28, 30, 32
64 Which dimension is in reality missing from a picture?26
65 When a distance increases in a picture, what happens to shadows?30 - 32, 130
66 How do the science of optics and theory of colours differ in defining colours from each other?32
67 If, according to the optics, all colours are effective at the same time at the same strength, what do we see?32
68 If, according to the theory of colours, all the primary colours are mixed together, what is the result?32
69 What does the brain look for in colours?32
70 What is the balance of colours for the brain?32
71 How can we, by illustrations, search for a complementary colour to a particular colour?32, 210, 216
72 When is a colour picture peaceful?32
73 What happens to details as distance increases?32
74 Why is the foreground of a picture important?33,78,79, 109
75 Which point within a picture draws a viewer's attention?46
76 How is an outside influence of a picture defined?34, 190
77 How can an outside influence outside a picture be used?34
78 There is no line in nature. Where is a line drawn in a drawing depicting nature?36
79 How do colours of a foreground differ from the colours of a background?28, 30, 130
80 What is the centre of eternal peace within a composition?36
81 How does the effect of a dot change within an outlined space?36
82 What characteristics are connected to a square composition?50, 63
83 Where is north within a picture?48
84 How do you define the motioned power of a line?36
85 What happens when a line is made thicker?36
86 How do the energy levels of straight and curved differ from each other?36
87 How does a line and surface differ from each other?36
88 At which point within a picture is the unfamiliar side of the image?48, 65
89 How is it defined that the sense of vision differentiates observations other than outlined images?37
90 When is a line cold, and when is it warm?38
91 What can be used as an aid to connect different details of a surface as one complete image?38
92 When is a picture in balance?38
93 What is meant by leaving a gap of tension within a picture? 38, 39 - 44, 65
94 What does an equal division of an area or surface mean?12, 39
95 When is someone coming towards a viewer within a picture?46, 59
96 How can a mirror be used for creating or observing a composition?46, 49, 59, 60, 74, 75
97 How do you create positive tension in an image?46
98 What is meant by directing a viewer's eye within an image?46, 78
99 What colour is used to describe a vertical line?50
100 How does the foreground affect creating a feeling of depth in a picture?33, 78, 79
101 What is meant by lines of power?11, 13, 17, 39, 47
102 What does the optical circle mean?25, 35, 47, 50
103 What is the basic difference between a dot and a line?36
104 How is the viewer's side defined within a picture? 47, 48, 66
105 When is a line lively?36
106 What is light?54
107 Mention three different composition patterns.50 - 52
108 How is the grid of the golden section drawn?13, 39 - 44, 50, 75, 77, 109
109 Does a dot have energy? How can it be shown?36
110 How does the character of a composition change when a square is changed to a rectangular shape?50
111 How are a viewer's eyes guided within an illustration?46
112 What is meant by the process of adding colours in the theory of optics?56
113 What colour is given to a triangle?50
114 What colour describes a horizontal line?50
115 When does an object look black in light?54
116 Why is a triangular shape used as a warning sign in traffic?52
117 Which shape (composition form) is constant?52
118 Define characteristics connected to a circle.52, 221
119 How is the formation of an oval shape explained? 52
120 How does a pentagon differ in its characteristics from other polygons?52
121 Which shape or form expresses expectation?52
122 Can different composition shapes be combined within the same picture?25, 51, 53, 57, 94
123 Where does the visual perception take place?54
124 Which colours are the warning colours of most poisonous animals?58
126 How is the optical red created with printing colours?56
127 How does x-ray radiation differ from red light wavelengths?54
128 How is the wave length of visible light defined (the oscillation frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum)?54
129 When is an arrow in a picture pointing at a viewer?48
130 To what do the cones at the base of the eyes react?54, 138
131 What function do the rods on the retina of the eyes have?54, 138
132 How is the complete visual perception formed?54
133 There are two light vases in a black and white picture. In reality, one of them is red and the other green. Why do we see them as different colours?54
134 How do you define a triangle as a composition form?50, 51, 221
135 Why does an object appear white in the light?54, 56
136 What kind is a cold line?50
137 What is the combination effect of the primary colours in the theory of optics?56
138 When three primary colours are reflected in the same place in the dark, what do we see then?56
139 When green and red are reflected on top of each other in the dark, what do we see then?56
140 When opaque colours (or films/sheets) are used to paint primary colours on top of each other, what are the results. Give three examples.56
141 What is meant by a subtractive process in the theory of colours?56
142 How easy is it to observe the presence of tensions within a picture?59, 60, 74
143 How do radio waves and light differ from each other?54
144 What kind of colour pigments in reality are spread onto a white paper when the end result is seen as red? 56
145 What is meant by a triangular composition and when is it used?51, 62, 221
146 Printing houses nowadays use four-colour printing machines to print colour pictures onto paper. What colours are there on the printing rollers?56
147 What do heat waves and light have in common?54
148 Colours are believed to have an influence on emotions. How, according to this theory, do yellow, white and black colours affect a person?58
149 Why are pictorial aids for compositions useful?60
150 How can a mirror be used as a composition aid?59, 60, 74
151 Which printing colours together form black?56
152 What does a figure of 9-composition pattern mean and how is it formed?66, 68, 72
153 What is the square of the golden section?62
154 How many colours are normally used by printing houses to print colour pictures?56
155 When is a circle composition well suited for the base of a design?51, 62, 71, 75, 221
156 When is the use of angled lines justified as the base of a design?64
157 What is meant by built-up distance colours? 32, 78, 79
158 How is landscape S formed?64, 70, 71, 236
159 How do the shadow reflections of the trees on the opposite shore in the water differ from the visible shadows of the trees and their colours? What causes the differences?55, 120, 197, 199, 203, 206, 207
160 Which composition pattern is formed when the right edge is strengthened and the optical circle is used?66
161 How are the design pictorial aids formed?60
162 What is meant by a safe direction of light?19, 20, 78
163 What is an obstacle for movement of a viewer's eyes?18, 39, 78, 79
164 What is meant by the directed entry of a viewer's eyes?78
165 Which composition patterns can be used to create tensions? 64, 65
166 What is meant by the pulling force of light?46
167 How do the natural lines build up in a picture?46
168 What does an obstacle for an escape of a viewer's eyes mean?78
168 What does the eyes' pulling force mean?46, 78, 79
170 Sometimes a barrier of the bottom and right edge is planned in a picture? Why is this? 70, 78, 79
171 How are the viewer's eyes prevented from escaping a picture? 46, 75, 78
172 Where does final departure take place within a picture? 22, 23
173 What different meanings do the entry of the direction of light and a viewer's entry give to a picture? 19, 20, 78
174 What is meant by the anatomy of a tree?89
175 Draw a pattern of the growth of branches of a young pine tree90
176 Which design pattern is formed when a strong foreground is combined with an optical circle in a landscape painting? 64, 68, 69, 74
177 Why are the shadows in winter pictures softer than in summer pictures?122, 124, 127
178 What happens to sharp shadow sections in a winter view? 122, 124, 127
179 Why is it not worth trying to separate a shadow area in snow using a line?124
180 How are the reflections of surroundings different in winter and summer pictures?125, 130
181 How does a reflection of calm water differ from the reflection image created by bright ice?126, 128
182 What happens to colour when a white surface is next to it? 128, 133
183 How do you achieve a sense of light within a painting?130
184 How do the shades of colour in shadows are different from the tones within a light area?130, 216
185 How do you achieve the three-dimensional effect of buildings? 14, 82, 83, 131, 149
186 Are the shades of colour used in shadow areas achieved by adding black to hues/colour used in light sections? 131, 216
187 What is meant by a shadow colour?131, 186, 187
188 How is a shadow colour achieved?131, 216
189 How is the shadow colour for yellow achieved?131
190 What is regarded as a basic tool of an artist?138
191 What does a hardness or softness of a pencil mean?138, 139
192 What is a flat edged (lead) pencil? How does it differ from a pencil used for writing?139, 140, 149
193 How can thin white surfaces or dots be achieved onto a surface of a pencil drawing?141
194 Why are pencils of different hardness used in a same pencil drawing?142, 148, 151
195 How does a drawn mark change if drawing is continued after a pencil drawing is protected by spraying it with fixative?143
196 What kind of a pictorial aid pattern is suitable for drawing the shape of a boat?145
197 What is common between a pencil and ink drawing, and a watercolour and porcelain painting?141, 160, 180, 228
198 How can a shadow area be separated in a white surface using black ink?176
199 How can you tell apart the painting surface and underside of a sheet of watercolour paper?176
200 Can an ink drawing be coloured with watercolours? What should be taken into consideration about the ink or the working order?155, 163, 167
201 How can you make a white ball visible on white paper?180
202 What does serigraphy mean? By which other name is the technique called?168
203 What is meant by a flat brush?172
204 What is meant by a two-brush technique in watercolour painting?172, 177
205 What does a pointed brush mean?172
205 What kind of a brush is a fan brush? Which kind of a surface is good to paint with a fan brush?172, 202, 216
206 What is a maulstick ("a trick stick")?173
207 What is art masking fluid in watercolour painting? How is it used?173, 184, 198, 199, 200, 223, 224
208 How can a watercolour painting be altered/changed afterwards?174, 194, 196, 214
209 How is watercolour paper different from ordinary drawing paper?176
210 What is meant by attaching watercolour paper? How is it done?176
211 How is a toothbrush being used as an aid when working with ink?158, 161
212 What is meant by a layered painting technique (painting on top) in watercolour painting and porcelain painting? How are they different from each other? 178, 190, 194, 210
213 If "pressed lines" are applied with a blade of a knife onto a still wet, painted surface of watercolour paper, what is the result?208
214 In watercolour painting, when is paint applied onto a wet surface, and when onto a dry sheet of paper?178, 179, 181, 190
215 Where is a paper towel used in watercolour painting?173, 179, 190, 194, 202, 210, 214
216 How does the tone of watercolour change when it dries? 178, 190
217 How can an ink drawing be mended or ink removed?164
218 What is meant by after shading in watercolour or porcelain painting?192
219 How can water be compared to a white colour in a painting technique?180, 181, 195
220 The same tone of surface can be shown against a light background as dark, and against a dark background as light. On what phenomenon is this idea based?94, 180
221 For what and how is a sponge used in watercolour and porcelain painting?184, 186, 230
222 In watercolour and porcelain painting techniques, what is the lightening or darkening of a colour based on? 180, 195
223 When is the effect of perspective taken into account in water?196
224 If masking fluid is spread onto a sheet of watercolour paper, what should then be taken into consideration while working?199
225 What is the hidden influence of a lively picture?38
226 How is masking fluid removed from a surface of paper?199
227 What is meant by "a stepladder" effect?202
228 Salt is an aid used in watercolour and silk painting technique. How is it used and when?206, 207, 223
229 When can a blade of a knife be used as a aid in watercolour painting? How?208
230 What happens if a new layer of colour is painted on a previous wet coat of colour in watercolour painting?178, 190, 212
231 How can a blade of a knife be used on a dry surface of a watercolour surface?208, 238
232 What is meant by a watercolour palette?175, 212
233 How is a colour "extinguished"?216
234 How does a black colour effect a colour next to it?226
235 When is a white colour used in the water colour technique?227
236 When is RCP-oil (painting medium) used?228, 230, 232
237 How is a toothbrush used as an aid in porcelain painting?229, 232
238 When is RCP-thinner used?230
239 What happens when a white light is guided through a triangular prism?54
240 What is meant by an optical illusion?10, 30
241 What meaning does the foreground, the "coulisse" (back stage) of the foreground, have?28, 33, 68
242 How is a rhythm created in a picture?36, 38
243 How is a brush kept in working order when it is used for spreading a masking fluid?199
244 What happens to an image if it has no rhythm?38
245 What is the shape of a basic surface of a picture? 50, 51, 63
246 Which colour in western countries is the colour of death and sorrow?58
247 Which one of the composition patterns is a result of negotiations?50
248 What is meant by the fear of a white surface?60
249 Mention two basic elements of landscape painting?116
250 What is the basis of the effect of a square composition?50, 51, 62, 63
251 What does a wedge of distance mean?30, 31, 116
252 How do you bring out the anatomical form of a face in a painting?214
253 How is a colour made lighter afterwards in a watercolour painting?214