unique pieces
per order

Special orders are always made uniquely according the requrements of the customer. See some examples below.

Unique project prices are negotiated individually.

tn A hybrid between puukko and kunai-knife. The blade is forged from stainless damascus steel, the grip is of POM-plastic with titanium bolster.
tn "Valentine Buddies" two small push-daggers, with kydex "necker-style" sheaths. The blades are made of ATS-34 stainless steel, grip plates are of kydex.
tn A large camping knife with blade forged from stainless damascus steel, the hilt is of brass and leather. The scandic-style knife is for size comparison.
tn A very heavy survival knife with the blade divided for hacking and cutting sections. The blade is forged of tool steel, the hilt is of leather with stainless steel bolsters. The sheath is sewn from heavy leather reinforced with rivets.
tn Modern survival version of machaira-sword, the blade forged from high carbon spring steel, hilt shaped from hi-resistance plastic.
tn An exeptionally long bladed (6") woodsmans knife, with stainless damascus blade, hilt of ebony, stainless steel bolsters.
tn An outdoors knife with stainless damascus blade, handle of leather with decorative spacer of walrus ivory with embedded silver star.
tn A curved bladed survival knife with 440 MBO steel blade and leather handle with stainless steel bolsters.
tn A full-tang fighter, shaped like a kitchen knife, stainless steel blade, teak handle.
tn Modern version of a tanto knife. The blade of stainless damascus steel, bolsters & habaki of bronze, grip of "elforyn" ivory simulation.
tn A small "dress dagger" with 52100-blade, pink ivory handle with brass guard.
tn A dagger with 6" composite damascus steel blade, guard & pommel titanium with leather grip.
tn A japanese style "kwaiken dagger", the blade forged from 52100-steel.
tn A trio of small "tactical knives", all metal structure of stainless damascus steel, leather cord wrapped handles.
tn Two chinese-style fighting knives, stainless steel all-metal structure, cord wrapped handles.
tn Japanese-style "kozuka-knife", laminated blade, handle of nickel plated copper.
tn A carbon steel karambit knife with black oak grip plates.
tn A "crossada-knife" with sideways guard on the blade, the blade is of carbon steel, grip pieces are of teak.