Shipped Basic JT-knifes

Handle is carved by hand to be ergonomic, safe and durable.
Sheath is sewn by hand individually for each knife.
Also the sheath decorations are individually made.
Together with the blade the handle and sheath
form a unified, esthetic and functional whole.

Below some examples of delivered custom made basic knifes by JT.

tnWoodmans Knife RD
tnWoodmans Knife I
tnWoodmans Knife II
tnWoodmans Knife
birchbark handle
tnNikkari I
tnNikkari II
tnNikkari III
tnSkandinavian Knife FO
tnSkandinavian Knife I
tnSkandinavian Knife II
tnSkandinavian Knife III
tnSkandinavian Knife IV
tnAll-Around Knife I