JT can also make unique products
for collectors

JT makes knives and swords also according historical models.

Unique project prices are negotiated individually.

tn Roman era knife with elk horn handle.
tn Two medieval bollock knives.
tn A custom order iron-age knife.
tn A small early iron-age Akinakes-dagger.
tn A late medieval period style Rondel-dagger, oa. length 35 cm
tn A miniature version of "Tizona" the sword of El Cid.
tn A large-size single edged knife based on an early celtic desing from central Europe
tn Tomahawk axe / pipe
tn Buckskinner knife, handforged carbon steel
tn Coffin handle bowie knife
tn Medieval war axe
tn Seax-knife II carved walrus ivory handle
tn "Hirschfänger" hunting-sword, damascus steel blade
tn "Fransiska" early frankish throwing axe
tn Three miniature swords in iron-age fashion
tn An iron age knife model with a modern blade material
tn Bowie knife forged from carbon steel, handle of cocobolo wood, guard and pommel forged from wrought iron.
tn A pattern welded version of a traditional "mistress' knife".
tn Dagger with the hilt formed after bronze age sword hilt. The blade is composite of carbon steel and damascus steel, hilt materials are mammoth ivory and buffalo horn.
tn An iron age skramasax knife. The blade is forged from four pattern welded bars, the hilt is of stag antler and leather.
tn "Main Gauche" II, a left hand parrying dagger, the blade is forged from spring steel, crossguard & pommel from iron, the grip is of wood covered with leather.
tn A Ceremonial Falchata-knife.