handle and sheath
are always handgrafted

Handles are handcrafted and shaped to be ergonomical, safe and durable. Handle materials can be of wood, leather, bone/antler or birchbark for example.

The sheath is always individually handstitched to every knife. The decorative tooling on the sheath is also worked on the leather completely by hand. Together with the blade, handle and sheath a functional and durable knife is born.

tnSalmon-themed tooling on sheath, according to customers wishes
tnThe beauty of the natural surface of leather
tnCustomers own logo tooled on sheaths
tnTar boats, the crest of Paltamo county tooled on the sheath
tnOwners initial and the crest of Pertteli county
tnLeather sheath with tooled celtic patterns
tnA "Drop-point" bladed JT-nikkari knife with oiled curly birch handle
tnA handle with beautiful rootburl and walnut
tnCurly birch and rootburl joined in a very difficult way
tnTrue to its name, pink ivory wood is pink!
tnA woodsmans knife with handle made of stag antler
tnA handsome handle of black oak and owners initials tooled on the leather make a truly unique knife
tnA sturdy leather handle with sheath decorated with viking motives
tnA pink ivory lioness with pawnmarks on the sheath
tnA walnut handle and two sheaths in different styles
tnEbony and rayskin fit well together
tnBlack beauty in waterbuffalo horn and hand tooled leather
tnA carpenters knife with the sheath decorated with dragons wing pattern
tnA black sheath decorated with flowers
tnA curious wolf amongst autumn leaves
tnA black bear and its pawnmarks on leather
tnA sheath for a moose hunter's knife
tnScandic-style knife and sheath with tooled decoration after early celtic sword scabbard