unique engravings
for collectors

Special orders are always made uniquely according the requrements of the customer. See some examples below.

Unique project prices are negotiated individually.

tn The Wolf of Angband, a fantasy dagger inspired by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.
tn Semi-integral knife forged from mosaic pattern stainless damascus steel with carved walrus ivory grip.
tn A small ”Trollsax” with handle made of stag antler.
tn Lion knife II, similar to the one made for the master bladesmith examination.
tn Hunting knife with snarling wolf carved in warthog tusk.
tn Large-sized hunting knife, with owl-themed carvings on the hilt.
tn Semi-integral knife with HellHound-figure carved in ancient walrus ivory.
tn Paperknife, blade is of heat coloured carbon steel, stag antler hilt.
tn The Wild Boar, semi-integral hunting knife.
tn A dog and a deer, carved on the crowns of an antler hilted hunting knife set.
tn Walrus knife, a hunting knife with san-mai damascus steel blade.
tn Black Panther-knife,ebony handle and blade of 52100-steel
tnBroad bladed hunting knife with a carved leopards head on the handle.
tnSiberian Tiger, a large hunting knife with stainless damascus blade and a handle fashioned from ancient walrus ivory and buffalo horn.
tnA close-up of the snarling face of the leaping tiger.
tnThe Snow Leopard-knife, elegance in walrus ivory, titanium and buffalo horn.
tnLarge hunting knife with the blade forged from stainless damascus steel, handle made from leather and bubinga wood. The carving is of walrus ivory.
tnJaguar-knife, the head is carved from old walrus ivory tooth
tnA small bowie style knife with clip point blade forged from damascus steel. The carved hilt is of stag antler and root burl.
tn Period-style bowie-knife, stainless steel blade
tn Carved roaring bears head on the handle
tnBearknife, handle of carved ebony, 52100-steel blade
tnBeaver-knife, carved stag antler handle
tnA bowie knife, with carved buffalo head on the moose antler hilt.
tnA deer and long horn bull, two carved stag antler crowns.
tnEagle-knife, carved whaletooth handle, amber eyes, handtooled sheath and stainless damascus blade
tnA medium sized bowie knife with the blade forged from tightly twisted bar of stainless damascus steel. The handle of the knife is of stag antler and the guard is gold plated brass. A side profiled eagle's head is carved on the crown of the antler.
tnTwo owls carved to the stag antler crowns.
tnIn the crown of a small antler hilted knife howls a hare-lipped Forest Troll
tnA phase-by-phase picture showing how the eagles' head carving was made to the crown of a stag antler.
tnA second phase-by-phase series in which tigers' head is carved out of block of walrus ivory.