JT can also make spears
as special orders

The spearheads are usually provided without the shaft.
JT can make also spears with shafts if so required.

Below are listed some examples of unique spears

Price range: 250 - 600€
Damascus / forgewelded: 600€ +

Unique project prices are negotiated individually.

tn A recreation of a bardiche from 15th-16th century
tn Iron-age type spearhead, forged from single piece of steel.
tn Angon-style iron age spearhead.
tn Late roman style iron age spearhead.
tn Extremely long spearhead from Vendel era, second half of sixth century.
tn Two iron-age spears forged from one piece.
tn A frankish-style spearhead, wings, forgewelded with damascus panels.
tn Two E-type iron age spears forgewelded.
tn C-type (winged) and E-type spears forgewelded with damascus panels.
tn Two iron-age M-type spear heads, forge welded construction.
tn Chinese-style spearhead, one piece forging.
tn Two oriental "Rochin" -hafted weapons.