old idea,
new production

The basic idea of the friction folder is atleast thousand years old. It is very simple and reliable to operate. At the end of the JT-friction folders blade there is a curl, which acts as a spring and locks the blade, making the folder safe to use. For this invention JT got the patent in November 1998. Some models have a bottle opener included in the blade. JT-friction folders are always one-of-a-kind designs. Some examples below.

Price range: 750 - 950€

Unique project prices are negotiated individually.

tnPrinciple of the friction folder
tnLarge "Wolverine"-folder
tnDamascus blade and eagle's head
tnStyle with buffalo horn
tnBuffalo horn II with brass bolster
tnJT-friction folder, stainless damascus blade
tnEngraved "Weasel"-folder
tnElegant simplicity with drop-point blade.
tnAnother version of a folder with an eagle's head carving.
tnA new version of a dragon-folder.
tnA friction folder with bronze bolsters.