JT produces also swords
as special orders

Swords can be made as authentical replicas of historical blades,
or unique ones made according the wishes of the customer.
Some examples are listed below.

Price range: 2500 - 5000€
Damascus and specials: 4500 - 6000€ +

Unique project prices are negotiated individually.

tnA patinated bronze sword without the grip panels & a bronze sword with curley birch handle.
tnAn early iron-age "Akinakes" iron sword &
celt-iberian "Falcata"-sword with patinated surface.
tnTwo ancient Greek kopis sword"s.
tnTwo Celt-Iberian single edged "falcata sword"s.
tnThree Roman period gladius-swords.
tnTwo Roman period spatha-cavalry swords.
tnLate roman era spatha with the hilt made mostly of wood.
tnA migration-period "Ring-sword" with damascus blade.
tnA merovingian period broadsword after a sword found from Sweden.
tnVendel-style broadsword forged from spring steel.
tnA patinated merovingian period sword from Finland. Pattern welded blade, crossguard & pommel of wrought iron, grip is of black oak.
tnA simple M-type viking sword from 800-900 AD.
tnIron-age C-type sword after a weapon found in Ristimäki, Kaarina.
tnSingle-edged "Peace of Soul" langsax short sword from 9th century.
tnOdins’ Beasts-langsax sword.
tnZ-type viking sword after a weapon found from Dalarna, Sweden.
tnZ-type viking era sword with a broad fullered blade.
tnA lightly patinated, simple x-type viking sword.
tnTwo X-type swords from the end of viking era. Both blades have forgewelded "JTMEFECIT" inscriptions and decorations.
tnA late version of X-type sword, manufactured according to specifications given by the customer.
tnMedieval broadsword
with "brazil-nut" pommel.
tnMedieval broadsword with
straight cross and wheel pommel.
tnA single handed broadsword from late medieval period, manufactured according to customers wishes.
tnEuropean longsword from mid 16th century.
tnA stiff-bladed cut-and-thrust sword from later middle-ages.
tnTwo-handed sabre, modeled after 16th century Hungarian sabres.
tnA german-style bastard sword with a wide and stiff blade.
tnA large sized longsword with siderings forged on the guard.
tnKatzbalger (cat skinner), the sidearm of a Landsknecht soldier from the Renaissance period.
tnSwiss sabre, a long bladed hand-and-a-half single edged sword of renaissance period.
tnSwiss Sabre II, a two-hand sabre from renaissance period, modelled after
two historical swords.
tnSwiss Sabre III, hand-and-a-half sabre from 1550 AD.
tnChampagne saber made in the fashion of Swiss Sabre.
tnA set of three japanese-style weapons.
tnIndian 18th century Sosun Pattah sword.
tnAnother Indian Sosun Pattah sword.
tnIndian Tulwar-sword forged from high carbon steel.
tnKukri of war with thick blade
of forged carbon steel.
tnA single edged fantasy falchion with wide but thin blade.
tnLongsword with pattern welded blade,
a scaled down version of a medieval two-handed sword.
tn"Ravenbrand" fantasy sword.
The blade and the hilt are fashioned after
two different medieval swords.
tn"Ravenbrand" fantasy swords pommel.
tn"The Beater" a fantasy sword.
tnMaster Meriadocs’ Riddermark Dagger.
tn"Death Wielder" fantasy sword with three bar damascus steel blade construction.