The brooches and other jewellery displayed on this page are all one-of-a-kind objects.They have been made for the needs of experimental archeology projects or to be given as presents. Only few have been sold commercially.

The pictures on this page are meant to present a different, "gentler" side of bladesmiths work. The museum projects are made in co-operation with researchers of the field, with an accurate and functional reconstruction as a goal.

crusading_era_spearhead_kollaasi Recreation of crusading-era spearhead found from Turku, Ristimäki (Cross hill).
The leaf of the spearhead is decorated with forge welded "wolf's teeth" pattern.
The spearhead is 29cm long and the leaf is 32mm wide near the socket.

Satakunnan museon kokonaisuus A set of tools & weapons made for the Satakunta Museum, which includes an Y-type sword, rawhide covered shield with iron boss, a knife with stag antler handle, a sickle, iron age scissors, fire iron and iron & bronze brooches.

Reconstruction of iron age sword A reconstruction of iron age sword found from Marikkovaara, Rovaniemi. The blade has “GICELINMEFECIT” and “INNOMINEDOMINI” texts etched on the blade. The buckle, strap divider and suspension ring of the scabbard are reconstructed after founds from Rikalanmäki, Halikko.


A reconstruction of an iron age
pair of scales from Kirkkomäki, Kaarina.

Museomiekka A reconstruction of z-type iron age sword, cross and pommel after a sword found from Vesilahti

Vyolaite A reconstruction of an iron age belt with knife and sheath from Kirkkomäki, Kaarina.

Vyolaite2 Another version of iron age belt

Picture C- and E-type spears.

Picture Bronze age jewellery.

Picture Small roman iron age brooches.

Picture Larger roman iron age brooches.

Picture Migration period jewellery.

Picture Iron age fibulae with band shaped arches.


Iron age bracelets made of brass and silver.

Picture Iron age pennanullar brooches.

Picture A silver neck-ring from younger iron age.

Picture Jewellery from walrus- and mammoth ivory.

Picture Fantasy jewellery.

Picture Every day utensils from different eras.

Picture A miniature version of a later stone age axe-hammer, carved from sandstone.