JT Basic Knife Models

In addition to custom work JT also has a line of five basic model knives, with specific area of use for each model.

The designs and shapes of these models have been fine-tuned over the years by own experiences and by customers responses, until the usability, ergonomics and safety of the models are as high as possible.

The blades of the basic model knives are forged from 52100-roller bearing steel and they are triple heat-treated. After the final grinding and hand polishing the blades are etched so that the heat-treatment lines and grain structure of the steel becomes visible.

JT uses curley birch for handles, the wood is protected from moisture by impregnating it with oil. The decorative stripes of the handles are commonly either of antler and/or hardwood. Bolsters are made of brass. The Woodsman's knife is available both with wood or birch bark handle.

The sheaths for the Basic Model Knives are stitched by hand, with a hand-made wooden liner inside. The decoration on the sheaths is simple, but dignified in style. The sheaths are usually dyed dark brown.

JT aims to make the Basic Model Knives with slightly altering blade lengths, so that the knives will retain their one-of-a-kind nature. It is also possible to alter the measurements of a knife according to customers' wishes.

Basic Knife Models are not just superb quality professional tools but they can be also unique business gifts.

All-Around Knife
JT Yleispuukko All-Around Knife has a wedge shaped blade for woodworking.

All-Around Knife 400€

JT Nylkyri Hunters Knife is a field dressing knife with a broad hollow ground blade and a longish handle.

Hunters Knife 500€

Woodmans Knife
JT Erapuukko Woodmans Knife is hunters utility knife.

Woodmans Knife, wooden handle 450€
Woodmans Knife, bark handle 480€

JT Nikkari Nikkari-knife is a handy short bladed knife for serious woodworking.

Nikkari 380€

Skandinavian Knife
Skandinaavinen puukko Skandinavian Knife is short bladed and fashioned after traditional models. Handy for all kinds of work.

Skandinavian Knife 450€