What to take into account
when making an order?

JT creates one-of-a-kind products according to customers' wishes. Custom orders are always unique.

Under the following sub-sections you will find several examples of custom orders that JT has made. From this page you find instructions and tips what to take into account before placing an order.

What to take into account when making an order?
When considering placing an order, it is wise to make it as early as possible. It is unlikely that the work begins immediately, or even within a few months' notice. It is helpful to have a drawing, picture or some other reference to clarify the idea of the ordered object. Also it is good to compare the available budget for the work to the prices of the works shown in the web site.

What is the intended use of the ordered work?

Is the knife intended to be used for whittling, camping or for field dressing an animal? The grind of the blade varies according to the purpose it is meant for. Likewise, the intended use of the knife must be taken into account in the shaping of the hilt and with the materials that are used in it. JT strives to make all his products into efficiently functioning objects, even when the intended use is likely to be more of a decorative nature. All JT's swords are sharp, battle-ready weapons - he makes blunt practice swords only in exceptional cases.

JT will help with the design

It is possible to sketch and design the product with JT. When needed, he will draw the design according to customers' wishes.

Pricing of the work

The things that affect the costs of a product are the materials used & other materials required in the process (charcoals, sanding belts, etc.), working hours spent with the particular work and how difficult/demanding the work or the design is. To the cost is added 24% Value Added Tax. Packing and delivery costs are usually negotiated separately.

How to get prepared for a meeting or making contact?

Instructions will be available soon.

Methods of payment, delivery times and methods of delivery

The payment can be made by cash or by international wire transfer. An account with BIC/IBAN codes can be used to pay from abroad. Paying via PayPal is also possible.

The delivery times vary according to nature of the custom work and the amount of custom orders currently in the back log. With swords & other more laborious works, the delivery time is usually around two years.

In Finland the ready work can be picked up from the Suomenlinna smithy or it can be delivered via Matkahuolto services. Deliveries are negotiated separately.

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